HYM Duo Turntable



This is DUO, offering vinyl, Bluetooth, and smart capabilities in one ultra-compact, intuitive setup.

Vinyl + Bluetooth =
Hybrid Turntable

DUO isa turntable with a detachable Bluetooth speaker. Its compact, hybrid design gives you complete ease to enjoy your records anytime, without fussy connections to a complicated stereo system.

Play Records and
Stream Music

Not in the mood for vinyl? Switch to streaming. Whether it’s your favorite record or playlist, DUO bluetooth audio quality blast your favorite music however you feel like!

Bluetooth Speaker

When playing records on DUO's base unit, you can carry the Bluetooth speaker with you to keep the music going, thanks to its maximum range of 10 to 15 meters. DUO’s portable Bluetooth speaker works even without the turntable.

All-in-One Compact Setup

DUO challenges the technical limitations of the past to integrate a phono amplifier and a power amplifier in an ultra-compact setup. No additional amplifiers required. Vinyl or streaming, DUO’s got you covered.

Extraordinary Stability with an Ultra-Small Platter

DUO’s compact 3.2” (80 mm) diameter platter is only 1/4 the size of a standard turntable. Its deceleration belt design and unique rotational stabilization help minimize vibrations on the record. Decelerating from the motor’s 1100 rpm turning speed, DUO will play smoothly at 33⅓ rpm and 45 rpm with all common record sizes.

Remarkable Tonearm Precision with <0.9% Distortion Rate

DUO’s tonearm, which has a spring at the end, replacing the traditional counterweight to automatically balance the tracking force at 2.5 g. The tonearm cartridge's high precision creates an accurate signal reproduction with <0.9% distortion rate, giving an even tone and minimizing equipment damage from excess pressure on the needle.

2 Full-Range Drivers and Passive Radiators in One Speaker

Whether it’s bass or treble, just sit back and enjoy high-quality sound. DUO integrates 2 full-range drivers and 2 low-frequency passive radiators to ensure a great sound experience with powerful bass.

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